About tripleman

My name is Roger, I'm from Canada.

In May of 2010 I moved to Germany. It’s a huge transition but I’m really enjoying it. Obviously, photographically, it opens up a million new doors. The new landscapes, many neighbouring countries, history and architecture all make it very difficult for me to put the camera down.

Since I enjoy computers almost as much as I enjoy photography, I do adjust my photos (occasionally quite heavily) in photoshop. I'm not a photojournalist, so I'll sidestep the purist debate. I enjoy both the artistic and technical aspects of photography and photo editing. Almost all of the newer photographs are large or sometimes huge. Really, I want them to look as nice as possible on a large monitor. The world is kind of splitting now with iPhones, iPads and laptops on one side and huge desktop LCD screens on the other. That said, some of the newer, larger images look ridiculously good on a retina iPad, in my humble opinion.

What I generally have in mind is “what would it look like on an 27” iMac?” The only problem is that when I moved here I got rid of my Cinema Screen and now just work with my 15" MacBook Pro and a not so great 27" monitor. I know I’m still very lucky but I do miss that Cinema Screen...

Aside from the aforementioned Mac, I use:

    OS X as my operating system as well as various Macs over the years
    Aperture as my image library application and occasional image editor.
    Photoshop is my image editor of choice. I've been using it for twenty years (this freaks me out a little bit).
    PTGui for panoramic images.
    iPhoto but only for some older photos when I was too lazy to open Photoshop.
    Dreamhost as my hosting service. They've been nothing but great to me for ten years. Use promo code TRIPLEMAN for a great discount.

I have to say, I cringe a bit at some of the older images on this site - whether it's just not a good photo or the processing was not so great - and once in a while I'll revisit an image and reprocess it.

It's always nice to receive feedback but I have disabled comments because, honestly, not that many people were commenting and there was a lot of comment spam. I do have a twitter account and that's a really easy way to contact me or you can email me from the address above. Naturally, honest critiques are better than abject ridicule but this is the internet so I expect some of both.

The traffic for this site has also reached a point where it could be of interest to advertisers or sponsors. If your style of advertising runs more along the lines of The Deck Network, then it should be a fairly good fit for this site. I'm not interested in giant flashy ads or too many of them. One simple, nice looking ad is not too offensive and will help me continue to put up interesting photographs. A photo equipment supplier or related gear would obviously be of great use to me and I’m sure I could show the capabilities of the products quite well - or at least die trying. I did not originally create this site as a money making venture but to be able to upgrade and expand my equipment or finance more travelling would be very nice.

I've had to explain on several occasions that I am not rich and my life does not only consist of nothing more than flying around photographing my travels. I wish it were so but I'm just a working guy like most others. It is nice though to hear that people envy the life they think I lead. I am certainly lucky and appreciate what I've been able to see and photograph, but it's not nearly as easy as this site would suggest.

I am also available for graphic design, commercial photography and all of my existing images are available to purchase as prints or licence for commercial use. The links for those options are directly above the images themselves. If you have any questions or need information feel free to contact me at the email address above.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that will enjoy your time here. Come back as often as you'd like.